Sunday, June 26, 2016

Chocolate review: Valrhona Blanc Ivoire Raspberry 35% Cacao

It's rare that I feature white chocolates in this blog's chocolate review. Recently, we got a bar as part of a box of Valrhona chocolates we purchased at an airport duty free shop. The Clairvoyant is not a fan of white chocolates so she just tasted a bit as she usually does and then asked for more. That, to me, was an indication she liked this one compared to other white chocolates she's tasted before. Of course, I ended up eating the rest of the bar but over a few days. I still found this a bit on the sweet side and as they say in the Philippines, nakaka-umay, a term for which I don't exactly think we have a translation in English for.

Valrhona's Blanc Ivoire is basically white chocolate with raspberry bits
Details on the chocolate at the back of package
The chocolate claims to have at least 35% cacao. I thought this was par with the lower-priced or 'pedestrian' dark chocolates
This was where the price tag should have been if we got the bar per piece but then it was part of a box so there's no tag here. I estimate though that this bar would have been in the 200 to 250 PhP range, which is typical for this brand and weight (85g).
To be fair, I thought this is a good chocolate and should be quite enjoyable to many especially those who like white chocolates. I certainly wouldn't mind having this considering box sets of Valrhona basically provide a sampler of their chocolates, which include whites and milk chocolates.

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