Monday, June 13, 2016

Chocolate de Batirol at Camp John Hay

We were talking about where to have breakfast the following morning when we arrived in Baguio. One idea was to buy food, heat it and eat at our hotel suite. The decision where to have breakfast became simple as we saw the Chocolate de Batirol restaurant along the road to The Manor in Camp John Hay.

The place had a makeshift but homey feel about it.
A closer look at the structure shows outdoor tables for those who want to have space to themselves.
There are also chairs and tables inviting people to sit around (tambay).
There are many plants around the garden restaurant.
The view from the cafe to the main entrance and parking for vehicles.
Restaurant interior with locally made tables and chairs adding to the ambiance.
People come here for the native hot chocolate ground using a local implement (batirol).
Our order of Vigan longanisa, eggs and rice with tomatoes on the side.
That's our daughter Ally running towards the cafe. She was quite curious of the place and had some fun picking up rocks and twigs around the cafe grounds.
Chocolate de Batirol is located strategically along the main road in Camp John Hay. There are many people walking or driving around and so they have a steady stream of customers, particularly those wanting to have a cup of hot chocolate to drink and enjoy in Baguio's cool climate. You don't really go there for the food. It is okay but, to be frank, nothing spectacular. But the hot chocolate is really good and worth the visit.

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