Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Off to Baguio!

I haven't been to Baguio since 2010. That's 7 years since my last trip there when we had a workshop to promote environmentally sustainable transport (EST) in the region. Baguio holds a special place in my memories as it is the first city I visited for my first project as a junior transportation engineer back in 1995. I was apprenticing under my mentor and very good friend and the project required us to do data collection and evaluation of a proposal to construct overpasses along Bokawkan Road connecting Baguio City to La Trinidad. That was the first time I've been to Baguio and I made the most out of my first out of town project.

I remember that it was very rainy when we were there and it was a bit difficult to do field work. It was also quite foggy and I remember our accommodations weren't that good. Our client volunteered their family's vacation home in Baguio. However, it turned out that the caretaker was sick and no one was put in-charge to at least provide us with decent beddings. We ended up buying blankets that also doubled as souvenirs for our trip. I had a nice time then going around the city center on foot. Baguio was not as crowded as today and Session Road had a lot of local restaurants, shops and pubs (combo anyone?). Baguio was and is still a melting pot of people from all over including many students as Baguio then as now is home to a lot of schools. 

I look forward to tomorrow's trip and our vacation in Baguio. It may not be the same as the Baguio I remember from 21 years ago. It will be the Clairvoyant's and our daughter's first trip there so we hope to be able to maximize whatever we can do during this trip.

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