Thursday, June 23, 2016

Chocolate review: Munz Bittersweet Chocolate with Orange Flavour and Almonds

I interrupt my running feature on our recent trip to Baguio City with another post on chocolates. We've enjoyed Munz dark chocolates that I usually got from Santi's. I found this bar at a Santi's store and did not hesitate getting one for us to enjoy. We already knew that orange goes very well with chocolate and this was clearly one of the better ones.

Munz Swiss Premium Bittersweet Chocolate contains orange bits and almonds and claims 55% cacao.
Detailed information on the chocolate at the back
An interesting bit of information is about the 8% almonds
There's no price tag on this but I think this cost somewhere in the range of 130 to 170 pesos.
This chocolate was as good as we expected from the label alone. This is definitely one of those we will watch out for whenever we go to a store like Santis or the airport duty free shop. The chocolate is smooth with just the right amount of bitterness you'd expect from 55% cacao, and the orange and almonds content are significant and very enjoyable. You get to chew the orange bits and munch on the crunchy almonds.

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