Friday, June 17, 2016

Rose Bowl Restaurant, Baguio City

One place I have never failed to go to whenever I was in Baguio is the Rose Bowl restaurant. Specializing in Chinese food, I first dined there during my first trip to the city in 1995. The old Rose Bowl restaurant was near the corner of Magsaysay and Harrison, and just a short walk from Session Road. Now it is along Gen. Luna in what is a larger building and in a less congested part of the city. Here are a few photos from our recent trip to Baguio. I wasn't able to take more photos as we were all hungry and had a late lunch upon arriving in the city after about 5 hours of travel from Quezon City.

Restaurant sign with Chinese translation
I first ate at the restaurant with friends from Baguio. One classmate was with the regional office of NEDA and hosted us for dinner.
The restaurant now has a much more spacious interior and this afforded them some space for receiving customers. This scene greets you when you enter the restaurant.
The dinnerware appears to be the same ones used in the last so many years? If so, then these probably may already be considered as antiques.
Of course, we also had fried rice and most of us ordered juice to go with our food. I look forward to eating at Rose Bowl again. You can't really have everything on their menu so the next time you can try other items with family and/or friends. There is also something about the ambiance and staff of the restaurant that somewhat brings you back in time. Nostalgia seems to be the best word for it and its something that always feels good about eating there.

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