Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chocolate review: Godiva Extra Dark Santo Domingo Chocolate

I interrupt the series of posts on Baguio to continue on the Godiva chocolates we've recently sampled. This time I write about the Godiva Extra Dark Santo Domingo, which I also got from the airport duty free shop.

This Godiva chocolate claimed 85% cacao.
The details on the chocolate at the back of the box.
Ingredients and nutrition information including the disclosure of the chocolate bar containing nuts and milk.
Nutrition facts and the price tag

This is an expensive chocolate at 10.80 USD (about 497.42 PHP) but really worth the price. This chocolate is quite smooth for something rated at 85%. There is only a slight bitterness and a distinct sweetness that isn't sugary. I asked the Clairvoyant to get a couple of these bars in her recent trip abroad so we are going to enjoy the chocolate again soon.

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