Sunday, July 10, 2016

Kawayan Farms Restaurant, Pillilia, Rizal

During our recent trip to the Pililla Wind Farm, we had to delay our lunch a while in order for us to reach the wind farm at a time we thought there would be less people. The Pililla Wind Farm has become a tourist attraction, getting a lot of visitors since it opened part of the facility to curious folks, especially those who are quite eager to take their photos (e.g., selfies) with the gigantic turbines. On our way there, we spotted a roadside restaurant where we decided we would be having our late lunch.

Kawayan Farms Restaurant is on the right side of the Manila East Road on the way to the wind farm from Morong and perhaps about 2 kilometers from the junction of the wind farm access road with the national highway. They have a good enough menu featuring what we thought were popular fare like barbecue, tilapia, and vegetable dishes. We picked their specialty, of course, and that is the lumpiang sariwa using bamboo shoots as its main ingredient. While we tempered our expectations, we found their lumpia very satisfying including their version of the peanut-based sauce that was surely the concoction of their head cook.

One of the best if not the best lumpiang sariwa we have tasted is Kawayan's specialty.
We chose to be safe with our main dish and so we both ordered barbecued chicken. This, too, was a pleasant surprise as their version of barbecue sauce tasted more like adobo.
There were other people eating at the restaurant when we arrived including what appeared to be a group of friends who made a stopover along their way to the south. While eating, we were joined at the restaurant by a family of three who also seem to be on a provincial road trip rather than a quick one like ours. On the glass windows of the restaurant were stickers of various motorcycle groups who seem to frequent the place. Perhaps Kawayan is indeed a popular stop. It is surely worth it if only for their lumpiang sariwa.

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