Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Maisen, Greenbelt 5

The wife and I had a meeting in Makati last April and couldn't find space in the parking buildings along Dela Rosa. We ended up parking at Greenbelt and then walking to the building where we had our meeting. It turned out not to be a long walk and it helped that there were good pedestrian sidewalks between Greenbelt and our meeting venue. After our meeting, we decided to have an early lunch at Greenbelt. 

The easy choice was a Japanese restaurant at Greenbelt 5. The display in front of the restaurant was enough for me to get attracted and I was amused to see they had takeout. Bento or lunchboxes are popular in Japan and especially among those on the go or too busy to go out for lunch. Workers usually had just enough time to leave the workplace to buy bento. And then there are those who get bento from a vendor coming or delivering to the offices.

The restaurant offers lunch boxes (bento) for those in a hurry
Items on the menu are on display, Japanese style, in front of the restaurant.
We went for their katsu set and had a hearty lunch. Their katsu was good and they even served mugi cha, which was a popular and refreshing drink during summers in Japan.
Maisen is a good place to have a good meal at whether its for lunch or dinner. The service was good and the quality (i.e., taste) of the food, which is what counts, was also high. Thumbs up to this Japanese restaurant at Greenbelt.


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