Saturday, July 16, 2016

Rest in peace, Dr Marcelo Esguerra

I got a call from my father this afternoon and he had some sad news. His long-time friend and my cardiologist, Dr Marcelo Esguerra, passed away last June 2016. The information came from former officemates of my father's who came by their home this afternoon to extend invitations to a reunion of retired company employees. Dr Esguerra and my father had been friends from way back when Tatay was still working at Ajinomoto. The doctor's wife was their company doctor so they usually met during company functions and socials. The couple were our godparents/sponsors at our wedding back in 2002.

It was sad news to me mainly because he was a good man and I knew he cared for many patients including friends and relatives to whom he has become more than a doctor to. I knew he was also a doting grandfather who looked forward to going abroad in order to be with his grandchildren in New York. Dr Esguerra was also my cardiologist and cared for me since 2001 when I was first diagnosed with hypertension. I was seeing a different doctor (one referred to me by my HMO then) and I had complained that my medicines were making me dizzy and acidic. Tatay chided me for not going to Dr Esguerra and I eventually found my way to his clinic where, after a work-up, he was able to diagnose correctly that I had an irregular heartbeat. The latter condition has been corrected through medication and my hypertension has been under control. Of course, there were sacrifices including my watching what I ate and drank (drastically reducing my alcohol intake - not that I drank a lot) and exercising more than I usually did.

Dr Esguerra had been like a father to me despite our meeting only twice to thrice a year for my regular check-ups. He never failed to strike up a nice conversation, relate some stories here and there about his travels and experiences as well as dispense advice for everyday living. Farewell for the last time Dr Esguerra. It is time for you to rest after living a good and productive life and caring for so many people the past 50+ years as a medical professional, father, grandfather and friend. Rest in peace Dr Esguerra. Thank you for all the good you have done and for sharing yourself through your medical practice. God bless your soul and console your loved ones who survived you.

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