Sunday, October 16, 2016

Elusive Barcelona

The Clairvoyant was supposed to be traveling today to Europe for their annual firm meeting to be held at Barcelona, Spain. It was not to be as she had to undergo surgery and is now recovering from it. It's actually the second time that she was not able to go to Barcelona for their company's annual meeting. The first time was just after she joined the firm and she couldn't go because it was too late to apply for and get a visa to travel to Europe. This is the second after more than a decade, and so she's 0 for 2 in terms of a trip to Barcelona.

I guess it was just not meant to be for now. That is, the travel to Barcelona, which she was looking forward to. We always joked about how nice it would be to go the "motherland" a term we used as our country used to be under Spain. No matter the issues then, we're pretty sure there was some good imparted from Spain's occupation of the Philippines from the 1570s to 1898. Of course, Barcelona itself offers many attractions including and especially Sagrada Familia. And then there is the food and the places to eat at that we've seen in many TV shows. An added attraction for this trip would have been a trip to Camp Nou, F.C. Barcelona's home stadium, where their firm was supposed to have arranged for as a formal dinner venue.

She'll get another shot at Barcelona though as next May, there will be another conference to be held there that she usually participates in. As they say, three's the charm and so maybe she'll get to go. It's for May next year so there is also the likelihood our daughter and I get to go. We're just crossing our fingers until then and again look forward to that trip if and ever we or she gets to travel to Barcelona.


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