Sunday, October 9, 2016

Status symbols of many years past

I have always been amused about the plaques prominently displayed in front of old houses in the provinces. You don't usually see these in Metro Manila (there are old houses in Manila with the same plaques) and I haven't seen it in areas near Metro Manila. The plaques to me are from bygone days when the status symbol wasn't that you had a huge house or several cars. Back in the day and maybe at present to some people at least, the pride is in how many professionals each household or family has 'produced'. The more plaques mean more members of the family (e.g., children) who have finished college, attained degrees and perhaps passed the licensure exams. Thus, you see plaques proudly displayed outside indicating someone being an engineer, lawyer, doctor, nurse, accountant and other professions.

An old home along the Dagupan-Mangaldan-San Fabian road. The year when this house was made is displayed in front at the top - 1936.

Noticeable to passers-by below the second floor window are six plaques bearing the names of people who probably were or are part of the family who owns this home. Also indicated are their professions showing that there are, for example, engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc. in the family.


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