Saturday, October 22, 2016

Some thoughts about the current Philippine situation

I find it amusing that many apologists react quickly about the President's comments; providing their own interpretations - twisting here, wagging there, spinning everywhere.  There's really no need for such if the guy can just control his tongue assuming of course that he can also control his thinking. Its not an excuse that he told people he was like that and still they voted for him. He, too, must rise to the occasion and be the President people voted for. 

We didn't vote for a Mayor last May and if he wants, he can always go back to being one instead if president. I suspect though that many but not all those around him want him to stay put simply because they have so much at stake here especially in terms of power. I won't go into the details of whom I suspect are the ones with much interest here but I am sure many observers would not find it difficult to  identify these. Perhaps they will end up losing a lot of money from the favors they get from being in power and in the position to peddle influence?

As for the apologists, the attempts to explain, justify, attribute (e.g., the person being a master strategist, of being adept at foreign policy and geopolitics, etc.) and even glorify fail in the face of facts. Unfortunately, there are so much misinformation going around and the very same apologists seem to fall for information that fit their beliefs rather than lift a finger or two to determine the veracity of the (mis)information they also tend to share in social media. I have encountered many who similarly believe in hoaxes and are quick to click the share button on Facebook. And then of course, there are those at a safe distance (i.e., abroad and probably for the long term if not for good) whose views and arguments are questionable. These include those who would likely (if they have not yet done so) vote for Trump in the next US elections.  

Kawawa naman iyung mga napapaniwala (o naloko?) noong kampanya.


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