Friday, October 14, 2016

Jacobo's seafood & grill, Dagupan City

Provincial trips allow me the pleasure of eating at new places. In a recent trip to Dagupan City in Pangasinan Province to the northwest from Metro Manila, We had dinner at Jacobo's Seafood and Grill. My colleagues were in Dagupan a couple of months ago to coordinate with a client for a study in that city and although the places they ate at were decent enough, they wanted to check out another restaurant they spotted there.

Well lighted by rather small sign along the highway - it was easy to pass the restaurant if you weren't looking for it
Another sign, also quite small for a restaurant along the highway
Bridges made out of bamboo and other wood connect the dining areas of this restaurant that's on stilts and over the brackish waters around Dagupan City.
Diningding is a local vegetable dish that's not really all vegetable
Jacobo's take on fried chicken
Boneless bangus - the pride of Dagupan and neighboring towns that have a lot of fish pens raising milkfish
Jacobo's was okay but not really extraordinary or special. Most of the items in the menu are your typical seafood and grill types and the drinks are quite limited (no buko juice!). There's also nothing so special about the way they prepared, cooked or served the food so I would say they're basically just another roadside restaurant that's good for meals but not really a place you would seek out and go out of your way for lunch or dinner.

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