Saturday, October 8, 2016

Warehouse, Seafood & Ribs Restaurant, Palo, Leyte

This is a late post because we were in Leyte back in August and not recently. After our meetings were over, our hosts took us out for a side trip and dinner. Instead of going around Tacloban City, we instead went to the next town, Palo, which is the site of the Leyte landings back in 1945, when Gen. Douglas MacArthur fulfilled his promise of returning and liberating the Philippines from the occupying Japanese forces. After our visit and photo ops, we drove to a nearby restaurant that we learned was quite popular not just among Palo residents but also to Taclobanons, too.

Warehouse seafood & ribs restaurant is along the national road just past the junction to the government center. It is 'paluto' style so you get to select the seafood and/or meat at front and give instructions on how you want it cooked.

Roadside sign
A peak inside the restaurant
Interesting door made out of wood from old crates
There were already many diners when we arrived.
Accent wall inside the restaurant
View of the restaurant from our
Sinigang, Waray style
Garlic prawns
Baked scallops
Pinakbet, Waray style
I forgot what this fish was called there but the grilled dish was very good and just what we expected in a good restaurant
Tuna belly just the way we liked it
Our meals at Warehouse were very good and just what we liked about traveling outside Metro Manila and especially in Visayas where the seafood is great. The restaurant is highly recommended although I am sure there are many good places to eat in Tacloban. The seafood was fresh and they were good in cooking according to how diners wanted their food.

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