Friday, October 21, 2016

Sigs Smokehouse, Maginhawa Street

The first time I heard about Sigs Smokehouse was from the wife. She had learned about it from a friend whose son owned the place. I had told her about another restaurant that offered as its most popular item smoked ribs and she countered that there was this other restaurant along Maginhawa Street that specialized in smoked meat. I saw some ads about this popping up on my Facebook feed so it was nice to finally try it out. My colleagues and I actually wanted to try it out for lunch but it was closed on Mondays and we had to come back a second time to finally eat there.

Sigs has a nice selection of beers and other drinks
The sides reminded us of Kenny Rogers'
Simple interior and furnitures
They have a mezzanine, taking advantage of the high ceiling to have more space for customers
Smoked Wagyu
Pork ribs
Smoked chicken
Pulled pork
"Dirty" rice
Sigs Smokehouse offers a good selection of smoked meats and we thought it was really good. The servings are on the generous side and so I recommend coming as a group so everyone can order one item and everyone can share. We loved their specialty "dirty" rice, which was actually rice infused with select herbs and spices. I forget exactly which ones but it was fragrant and matched perfectly with the smoked meats. For first timers, go for the wagyu and/or the pulled pork. Corn also works very well with the smoked meats. Price-wise, I thought it was just right given the quality and quantity of the servings. I saw that they offered discounts to some UP Engineering organizations so perhaps the owner or one of the owners is from the UP College of Engineering (an alumnus perhaps?). Sigs Smokehouse is located at a building along Maginhawa St. at the left just after the intersection with Malingap St. if you are coming from UP.

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