Saturday, January 21, 2017

Albino bougainvilleas

I noticed something unusual with our bougainvilleas one morning while I was having breakfast. Curious and already suspecting something, I approached and confirmed my suspicion. We had an albino among our bougainvilleas. But this was only a stem out of an entire bunch. Here are a couple of photos I took of the albino stem and leaves including  close-up of leaves sprouting from the stem.

The albino developed from our variegated bougainvilleas
Here is a close-up of the step with a thorn and new leaves sprouting from the stem
I don't know how long the stem will survive given that the plants are located where they could get a lot of sun. Bougainvilleas love the sun and triggers their flowering. We do have other bougainvilleas around our home that don't get as much sun and so don't bloom as often and as much as the variegated variety along our back fence. It is something special and I also made sure our daughter saw it.


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