Friday, January 13, 2017

Happon, Maginhawa Street

There is another Japanese food-themed restaurant that we tried last year. I first saw Happon from across the street when we were eating at Hapag. And then a friend posted some photos of their group having dinner there. And so one time last December before the Christmas break, we decided to have lunch there.

Happon is located at the ground floor of a new building along Maginhawa Street
The interior is quite nice and shall I say picture perfect. The owners did very well here.
Tables and kitchen
The decors are simple and make you feel at home
There's a long counter near the entrance, which we thought was designed for individual customers (i.e., those who come to eat by themselves, and likely are there for a quick meal and won't really stay for long)
Their version of gyoza or fried dumplings
Miso ramen
We thought their food was okay but perhaps just par with your average Japanese restaurant. I think this is partly because they chose to be a ramen house and we know that there are just so many really good ramen restaurants around (e.g. the Ikkoryus, Ramen Nagis, etc.) that you could compare them with. Their donburi is better than the average but not really spectacular. There's room for some improvement here. As for the gyoza, we couldn't help but compare them with another restaurant at the end of Malingap Street near the corner with Matahimik Street. That restaurant's gyozas are the best in the area (although their ramen is also average). Will we eat here again? I would say yes but maybe not as often as in the other restos that we frequent in UP Village.


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