Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Chocolate review: Valrhona Abinao 85% Cacao

There was still a couple of Valrhona bars I found inside our refrigerator so we decided to open one. This one turned out to be special as it was a dark chocolate with a relatively high cacao content of 85%. The description on the box (Powerful and Tannic) served as a warning to those not into dark chocolates and their signature bitterness compared to the sweet milk chocolates.

This bar claims 85% cacao
Details on the chocolate at the back
The ingredients state that the bar contained a minimum of 85% cacao, which is quite high for something you probably want to eat as dessert.
It is not clear from the information on the package but Valrhona chocolates support and practice fair trade with cacao farmers. I think this should count with those who are quite picky (or snooty?) with respect to their chocolates.

As the price tag indicates, a 70g bar cost US$ 7.10 or about PhP 354.32 at current exchange rates. It is definitely an expensive bar. However, we thought again that it was worth it and perhaps, to those who were surprised by its bitterness, one should pair this with a good wine given the powerful and dry aftertaste.  I would even suggest that one pair this chocolate with ice cream. Crushed Abinao should go very well sprinkled or mixed with vanilla ice cream.

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