Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sarsa, UP Town Center

There is an Ilonggo restaurant at the UP Town Center. We sort of discovered if the one time we were there last December. We have not had Ilonggo food in a while and kind of missed eating chicken inasal and molo so we decided to try Sarsa. The Clairvoyant had heard about this restaurant by a chef who we sometimes chance upon on TV and was recommended by those who already ate here. For me, Ilonggo food was comfort food and I didn't mind eating this on a more regular basis.

The menu and their specialties are on the board
Inasal lumpia?
Pancit molo just the way we like it
Inasal na pecho (chicken breast)
I forget what this was but I seem to recall it was a special for the day (or week?) so we tried it.
Sarsa was, as expected, comfort food and it is most welcome among the restaurants at the UP Town Center. The inasal was just right and the so was their inasal lumpia. The pancit molo was also good and refreshing; perhaps perfect for rainy days. The prices are also just right for a non-fast food restaurant. It's no wonder a lot of people especially families and other big groups eat there. 

While I look forward to eating there again soon, I am not so sure about going to UP Town Center as frequently as we do to UP Village and our suki restaurants there. The traffic is pretty bad going there especially during lunch period although the parking situation's better and one does have the option to avail of valet services.

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