Monday, January 23, 2017

Tipanan, Maginhawa Street/V. Luna Extension

Our first lunch out for the year was at a restaurant at the end of Maginhawa Street in an area that is generally called Botocan. It is also at the fringe of UP Teachers Village. Tipanan Cafe appears to be another old house that was transformed into a restaurant, keeping pace with the commercial developments along Maginhawa Street. This part though was already commercialized being close to Kamias and V. Luna Extension and near the corner where there is a branch of a large supermarket chain.

Interior of the restaurant showing features of what used to be a house
Counter and entrance to the kitchen
People entering the restaurant will be greeted by this set-up at the foyer
Tipanan's menu offers an assortment of food. I used the word assortment because there seems to be no single or unifying theme or maybe that's because they intended for this to be a meeting place, the direct translation of the word tipanan. That is, they have pastas, they have Filipino food, they also have sandwiches, and so on.
Chorizo pasta
Pesto pasta with chicken
Adobong manok at baboy (Chicken and pork stewed in vinegar and soy sauce)
We would also probably eat here again soon. We want to try the other items in their menu since the variety got our curiosity. I just wonder if, on a regular day, the limited parking spaces would allow us to have a quick meal here during one of our lunches out.

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