Saturday, January 7, 2017

Chocolate review: The Freefood Co. Coco Dolce Milk Chocolate with Rice Crisp

We recently discovered another chocolate brand from Davao. We got this chocolate from an Echostore, which we recently found to be already closed. It is a milk chocolate but I made the exception to buy a bar if only for it being made in Davao and the nice packaging. I had some high expectations when I read from the packaging that it was from the same region that produced the Malagos chocolate bars that we loved.

The Freefood Co. Coco Dolce Milk Chocolate with rice crisp
Details on the chocolate including the price at the back of the package
The write-up at the back claims this bar is artisan chocolate.
Nutrition and manufacturer information and the price

This 100g chocolate bar was priced at 250 PHP (about 5 USD). We thought this chocolate was priced too high considering it was just par with the mass produced milk chocolates (both local and foreign) you can find in supermarkets and groceries. I was willing to pay more for the Malagos chocolates, which I found to be of higher quality and definitely competitive with the more elite foreign brands including the Valrhona's and El Rey's. We thought this one was better than local regular, mass produced chocolates but not yet at par with the Toblerones and Meiji Blacks. Perhaps the chocolate's claim to be 'artisan' made it expensive? I might be willing to taste this chocolate again but for the price tag.

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