Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Our exploration of places to eat at along Maginhawa took us to what was formerly Henry's Grill, another restaurant that started out strong but eventually fizzled out likely due to the stiff competition among restaurants in UP Teachers Village. The place across from Bayantel is now occupied by Brazo, a resto that I recall was featured on TV some time ago for their frozen Brazo de Mercedes.

Menu on the chalkboard 
Interior and accent wall
Industrial-inspired lamps
Their mushroom pasta was creamy (very) to the point of being soggy. Pasta should be firm and not too soft. It tasted more like carbonara rather than a specialty pasta
Their lechong kawali was crispy  just the way people would like it to be.
My friend says their callos was good.
Their signature frozen brazo was okay but nothing really special.
Another friend mentioned that the specialty at Brazo is their Iberian chicken but we didn't order that. Instead, we got items on the menu that we thought were safe choices. I guess we generally got good meals when we ate at the restaurant but we felt it was not good enough for us to go there more regularly for lunches. Maybe its a good drinking place in the evenings or nighttime? But then again that was how Henry's Grill was packaged before and Brazo's menu does not indicate the restaurant is more of drinking place than one where you'd like to have lunches and dinners.

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