Monday, September 1, 2014

Home made brownies

I love brownies and my mother used to bake some before until our oven conked out after being submerged in the floods of the late 80's. Though there are many good brownies available out there including those from a major bakeshop chain, Goldilocks, most of the more "desirable" fudgy, moist ones are more expensive. Mrs Fields, for example, has the crunchy on the outside, moist inside variety that I prefer. I could easily consume a lot of their brownies in one sitting but then that will cost me some money aside from probably raising my blood sugar level!

I remember a very good college friend of mine bragging about the brownies that he made. We didn't believe him until we finally sampled his brownies one time we celebrated his birthday at their home in Paranaque. These brownies were the real deal and we had more than a few. Nahiya lang kami ng barkada na mag-take home ng brownies.

Last week, the wife baked some brownies (after much encouragement from me). Of course, this was also partly in preparation for a baking activity with our niece and nephew that's coming up soon. Though we committed to making cookies, the kids also like brownies and it might be a good addition to what we'll have in the oven this weekend. I took a few photos of the finished product. It's nothing really fancy as we used a brownie mix you could buy at most supermarkets.

Brownies right out of the oven

Sliced and ready for serving

Crunchy on the outside and moist inside

An even closer look at a brownie slice with the cashews and chocolate chips
We have another box of brownie mix ready. This one's a different brand so we don't know how this will go int he weekend. We'll probably just follow the instructions and see and taste what happens afterwards.

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