Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Breakfast Table

Our lunchtime exploration brought us to another restaurant along Maginhawa Street. We have been curious about The Breakfast Table every time we were in the same building it shared with several other restaurants. We are regulars at the Katsu Cafe and we also wanted to have other choices especially as we have our lunches out more frequently nowadays (We are quite tired of the food at the eating places at the university.).

It was a bit difficult for us to select a specific dish from their menu so we ended up with their "Build your own breakfast" option. This allows the diner to pick out his/her choice of viand to go with the eggs and rice of the popular "silog" combination breakfasts. Here are a few photos I took when we had lunch at The Breakfast Table.

Interesting placemats made out of denim.

Promoting the special - tablea pudding should be perfect for the morning (sugar) rush.

There are also interesting decors like this shovel on the wall, which probably is a lamp (we didn't check).

The blue bottles and the buckets turned lamps are part of the restaurant's curious interiors.

Their taho shake is refreshing and is one of their bestsellers. 

My do-it-yourself meal of Vigan longanisa with egg and plain rice. You can order other combinations  including several types of longanisa (subject to availability).
I think the restaurant is a good choice for breakfast and lunch. The build your own breakfast option allows one to have several viands (e.g., different types of sausages) for breakfast. This option is basically comfort food to many Filipinos wanting the simplicity of the "silog" for breakfast. The menu is quite limited though after the breakfast dishes but then it is supposed to be a breakfast place so that is understandable. Make sure you ask for their specials so you can try out what people have been raving about this restaurant. The staff are attentive and helpful so service is good and this definitely makes for a good experience in any restaurant.

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