Sunday, September 14, 2014

Transition - Troy & Mocha

It will be 4 weeks now since our beloved Labrador Retriever Troy passed away. A week before his demise, we brought home Mocha, a Golden Retriever puppy, that we had adopted in part to lessen the impact of Troy's inevitable farewell. We thought that we had to have the two dogs meet up at least in order for Troy to be able to impart some of his "wisdom" and training to Mocha. It may sound weird but we believe that dogs communicate with each other somehow. This was how Troy was able to help us train our other dog Barbi who was quite hostile when we first brought her home.

Welcome party - Troy welcomed a newly arrived Mocha
It was his custom to sniff new friends and was probably very curious about the puppy we just brought home with us.

Troy and Mocha trot along in our garden towards our lanai.

We love this photo of Troy with his tongue out and licking Mocha as she turns around to give some attention to her new friend.

Troy was friendly to everyone he met. His ready smile and affectionate nature made him popular with kids and adults, humans and canines alike. We will miss those private, everyday moments with us when he was most charming and loving towards us, his chosen family. We will always remember you, Troy.

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