Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sentimental about Iloilo

My recent trip to Iloilo brought back a lot of memories. I have many photos from my childhood vacations in Cabatuan but few remain after most of them were destroyed by the floods of Ondoy (Ketsana) in 2009. So every time I go back to Iloilo, whether or not I have the opportunity to pass by our home in my father's hometown, I try to get a few photos here and there to (re)create memories of the city and the towns I knew since childhood. Here's a few photos I took a couple of weeks ago including a couple taken from my hotel room. 

Iloilo City sunset - I have seen many sunsets here but I don't recall taking photos. It seemed to me as if the sunsets will always be there.
Iloilo City waterfront taken during the evening from the rooftop of the new Iloilo City Hall building.

A shot of what was the old airport at the Mandurriao district of the city. I remember we either took a ship or flew via this airport to Iloilo. My first flight that I could remember was on a turboprop plane (SD 360?) and then later there were jet services using the BAC 1-11. Those were in the 1970s and 1980s. The runway is now a highway and the old control tower is still standing. Hopefully, the developer will not demolish the tower and preserve it as a museum or perhaps something more functional (e.g., part of a fire station or maybe a restaurant?).
We bought mangoes at a fruit stand in Jaro. We learned that the mangoes are from the town of Leon. We would have preferred mangoes from Guimaras but Iloilo mangoes are also very good. I recall that Leon was also one of the province's towns well-known for its mangoes. I bought a few kilos to tide us over the week. Some were a bit green so they would ripen and be just right for eating in a few days. [Note: The bananas were not from Iloilo.]
I hope to be in Iloilo again soon and perhaps try going to Guimaras to explore the attractions of the island. Despite being Iloilo so many times in the past, I have yet to go on a trip to Guimaras. That would be something to look forward to maybe this coming summer when we plan our regular trip for our vacation.

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