Saturday, September 6, 2014

Chocolate review: Chocolat Stella Organic by Nature 75% Dark

I didn't realize that it's been more than 2 months since I did a chocolate review. I actually have a few drafts of several bars we have tried that I wanted to post but never got to finish any one of them until now...

There are many dark chocolates now on supermarket shelves in the Philippines but few seem to be at par with the smooth, bittersweet dark chocolates we've found abroad or at the airport duty free shops. Chocolat Stella Organic by Nature 75% cacao is one of those chocolates that one would surely enjoy and crave for but not available on your typical supermarket shelf. Neither Robinsons or SM sells these bars. Even the "higher end" Rustan's or Shopwise do not have these chocolates at their branches. Perhaps only Santis carries this brand and a few of its variants as I have not seen this in other shops. I found this at NAIA's Duty Free Shop at Terminal 2.

This bar caught my attention in part because of its packaging, which seems to make a statement that it's really good chocolate.
More detailed information on the chocolate is at the back of the package including the price of this bar.
This 100g bar cost 6.10 USD or about 265.10 PHP using current exchange rates. That translates into 2.65 PHP per gram, which is a bit expensive considering the typical imported dark chocolates available in supermarket shelves that are usually priced at about 65 PHP for a 100g bar (Note: I was able to get a 5% discount on the chocolates as I availed of the "travel light" promo at NAIA Duty Free). Nevertheless, it would be a shame for a true chocolate lover not to try out the more expensive (and presumably higher quality) chocolates once in a while. It is assumed though that the price will not be a deterrent to trying out these chocolates.

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