Monday, May 4, 2015

Angus Tapa Centrale, UP Village

We found another gem at UP Village but not along Maginhawa Street but along Malingap Street. Angus Tapa Centrale is found in a building along the middle of the south side of Malingap Street. We actually passed it but my companions saw it and asked me to turn around. It seemed to be the only establishment open and operating on what appeared to be a new and unfinished building along the street.

Customers can see their food being cooked through the glass window
Aside from the usual softdrinks available at the restaurant, they had Stellina's lemonade
The lemonade is locally made and fairly priced
Menu, specials and drinks can easily be seen from the bar
Angus beef tapsilog
Smoked bangus silog

The food we ordered were okay. My only comment about the tapa was that it was a bit on the oily side. This can be addressed quickly and simply by just putting the tapas on paper or napkins to allow the excess oil to be absorbed. Their sign outside the restaurant states that they are open 24/7 so perhaps we can try out the place for breakfast instead of having their all-day breakfast items during lunch.

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