Monday, May 18, 2015

In room breakfasts

We woke up early one morning and didn't want to go out and find a new place for breakfast so we ended up ordering breakfast to be delivered to our hotel room. We ordered one American breakfast as we knew that the servings would be good for 2 people. And so it was that we got quickly reacquainted (not that we needed to) with bacon and eggs.

Bacon, eggs and potatoes
The breakfast cart came with mini-ketchup, bottles of various fruit marmalade and tabasco sauce
Multi grain bread
Coffee and orange juice
Our breakfast was indeed good for 2 people. Actually, we even had some leftovers so I ended up making a sandwich that I later ate for lunch.
Our breakfast also came with a fruit platter. However, the hotel staff added an extra plate of fruit to our cart. The Clairvoyant credits that to our being 'kind' to the staff. By 'kind' she meant that we were a bit generous with the tips that we gave out. I guess the staff took note of this so they responded favorably towards us.


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