Saturday, May 16, 2015

Uncle Sam Diner - Tacloban

The food scene at Tacloban has picked up and this is probably due to the influx of visitors including those from other countries after Yolanda (Haiyan). There are many foreigners and others in the area doing mainly aid and development work after the massive relief effort for the region, which was devastated by the super typhoon and its storm surges in 2013.

Prior to our flight back to Manila, a friend and I decided to have our lunch at one of the many restaurants near our hotel. We ended up at Uncle Sam Diner not 5 minutes walk from where we were staying. Uncle Sam Diner obviously had an American diner theme and both the exterior and interior seemed to shout this theme to people passing by this curiosity.

Some curiosities on the shelves at the restaurant
An old radio and camera added to the curiosities on display
The wall paper is consistent with the name of the restaurant and its American diner theme
Antique phonograph also on display at the restaurant - we weren't sure if this were a replica or the real deal (antique?)
Model vehicles and signs on the wall of the restaurant
Even the lighting adds to the somewhat quirky interiors of this diner
Grilled pork chop with rice and vegetables
Ribs with rice and vegetables on the side
I would say that the food and service were good. The prices are also reasonable given that Tacloban is still very much a provincial city and not yet as cosmopolitan or urbanized as Cebu, Davao or Iloilo. If only for these then the diner deserves another visit whenever we would be in Tacloban. Of course, there are other restaurants there but at least the familiarity and assurance (of good food and service) would be noted in case one doesn't want to try out a new place to eat at. It is definitely not fast food so I guess that's a plus for people not wanting to fall back on Jollibee or McDonalds.

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