Sunday, May 24, 2015

Elixir - neighborhood cafe and quick breakfast

The Clairvoyant tried out a coffee shop on a meeting with her boss. Elixir was one of those you could classify as as shop around the corner. The corner happened to be near our hotel and right in front of the San Diego Trolley station at Fifth Avenue.

Elixir had good coffee and crepes.
The building turned out to be a historic one that used to be a department store and an upscale one in the old days.
People lined up to get good coffee and crepe to start their day on the right note.
We also noticed that Elixir had suspended coffee, which the barista casually offered to one guy who was probably a regular and a familiar face in the neighborhood. Suspended coffee refers to a cup or cups purchased by people and which are not consumed but held by the shop to give away later to people who couldn't afford a cup of coffee. The concept of the neighborhood coffee shop is good and something that should be encouraged even with the dominance of chains like Starbucks. Suspended coffee is also a good idea that should be promoted in the spirit of charity and "pakikipag-kapwa tao."

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