Thursday, May 7, 2015

Japanese chocolates

En route to the US via Japan, we had a two-hour stopover at Narita International Airport. There were a few shops near our boarding gate and I browsed one of the shops for possible souvenirs on the way back to Manila. Of course, I had to look for items you could only get in Japan. These usually included various food items like cookies, pastries, teas and others you typically associate with Japan. The past few years, Japanese chocolates have become popular and I took some photos (for reference) of some of the most popular chocolates.
The tremendously popular Japanese KitKats include green tea, bitter chocolate and sakura
The popular Royce chocolates, which are the more refined chocolates at par with their European and American counterparts
Hokkaido's Shiroi Koibito
I will probably be shopping for a few boxes of these chocolates for our own consumption and as pasalubong for family and friends.

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