Monday, May 4, 2015

Formaggio pizza, pasta and salads

My first full meal after arriving at San Diego, CA was at a food court near our hotel. We were taking a walk and decided to grab a meal at a nearby mall. There were many selections but we just had to have quick Italian food rather than go for the rice meals of Asian selections.

We found Formaggio at a food court at a nearby mall
They had several pizzas and we got a slice each of pepperoni and cheese
Specials advertised
Our order of lasagna came with a generous serving of salad and a couple of pieces of garlic bread
We were reminded of how generous an order of food can be in the US. We always read about how these servings have led to many Americans becoming obese. And then you realize just how true this is when you eat out. We weren't able to eat all the food we ordered (it was good but just too much even for two people) and we couldn't take away the leftovers so we regretfully had to throw away what we weren't able to eat - a reminder that we shouldn't be so wasteful. Maraming nagugutom o walang makain kaya hindi dapat magsayang ng pagkain.

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