Thursday, May 21, 2015

TruMoo chocolate drink

I always crave for a chocolate drink whenever I am traveling. If I were in Japan, I know where to get my Morinaga, Van Houten, or other hot or cold cocoa/chocolate drink that I usually just get from the convenience store or vending machine. I have found the similar chocolate drinks elsewhere and so that's what I checked out at the store near our hotel. I found this really creamy chocolate drink that was definitely good tasting and satisfied my craving for a drink to cap the night.

TruMoo claimed to be low fat and loaded with protein
More nutrition information at the back
Quite interesting is the TruMoo brand as you would think this was something out of Asia like Japan or the Philippines. Selecta in the Philippines, for example, has Moo chocolate milk drink, which is popular with kids. I can say though that TruMoo is much better tasting and is probably the 'truer' moo among the two. 

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