Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A second look at Asakusa, The Grove

In a recent post about this restaurant, I was only able to share a photo of their menu. I think we were just too hungry that we just took a few personal photos. Last weekend, we were back and had a late lunch so we could spend some time. Our daughter actually fell asleep the entire time we had lunch and we didn't want to wake her up so we ended up eating as if it were only us two.

Some frames add character to the restaurant
Scallops and dip
Tiger prawns and dip
Tempura, gyoza and rice
Highly recommended is their green tea ice cream with Valrhona brownies. Yes, I got that right - Valrhona chocolate brownies!
You can opt to order tempura a la carte instead of their sets. That means you can pick from their nice selection for your very own set. We both like scallops so we ordered a few this time. I would probably order some fish next time. The previous time I also had cold soba but this time I opted for rice. I did mention that the restaurant was child friendly and their staff were very attentive and helpful. Cost-wise, I think the prices are just right and fair for the quality of the food and service they provide. We will definitely be back soon at this restaurant.

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