Friday, September 9, 2016

Chocolate review: Valrhona Lait Caramelia Crunchy Pearls 36% Cacao

Another bar of Valrhona chocolate we tasted recently (last month) is a milk chocolate. This, I admit, is a bit out of character as we usually purchase only dark chocolates but this came in a pack and you couldn't choose which bars came with the box.

Valrhona's Lait Caramelia Crunchy Pearls claims to have 36% cacao
Details on the chocolate at the back of the packaging
More details including the expiration date, which we almost failed to note thus the chocolate's consumption on the expiration month. Valrhona's are so good we usually hesitate depleting our supply.

The Clairvoyant made the observation that this chocolate reminded her of the Nestle Crunch chocolate bars. I remember we still have another one of this in the fridge but the wife already said she only wants a tiny piece in case I opened a bar for dessert. The chocolate indeed has some similarity to the more mass produced and 'pedestrian' Nestle Crunch but this chocolate was more refined and less sweet than the former.

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