Sunday, September 18, 2016

Chocolate review: Icam Cioccolato Fondente 72% Cacao

I don't recall I have tasted chocolates from Italy. That, of course, is with the exception of chocolate ice cream since we enjoyed eating gelato her and abroad. I encountered several good bars of chocolate at a wine shop in Alabang and decided to purchase a few bars. One is Icam's Cioccolato Fondente that claims to contain 72% cacao. We already have tasted many other 72% cacao chocolates and this % was just right - not too bitter.

Icam dark chocolate is supposed to contain 72% cacao
Details on the chocolate at the back
There is an English translation (as well as other languages as well) for the ingredients to this bar
Nutrition information on the chocolate

This is a smooth dark chocolate and I definitely won't hesitate buying a bar or two the next time I see this chocolate in a shop. I think I lost the receipt for my purchases so I would have to check the prices again for this and the other chocolates I bought. However, I do remember that this didn't cost me more than 150 PHP for the 100g bar. That, I think, is a bargain for very good dark chocolate.
[I checked this recently and it retailed for 125 PHP for a bar - Dec. 30, 216]

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