Monday, September 19, 2016

Chocolate review: Karl Fazer Orange & Crisps Dark Chocolate

I spotted this big bar at the airport duty free shop and didn't hesitate (Didn't I say in previous posts that we love dark chocolate?) to purchase one. The orange and crisps are definitely among the reasons I didn't hesitate because the orange blends so well with the dark chocolate and the rice crisps give the chocolate an enjoyable crunch.

Karl Fazer's Orange & Crisps Dark Chocoalte
Back of the pack
Description of the chocolate including a short history of Karl Fazer chocolates - this one claims 47% cacao
Price tag

This was a good buy at 8.40 USD (about 393.50 to 402.51 PHP depending on the exchange rate) for a 250g bar. It was very good chocolate and I would definitely pick up another one or more the next time I saw one. Incidentally, I did get another bar when I saw a familiar store at the domestic wing of NAIA Terminal 3.

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