Saturday, September 3, 2016

Mantellassi San Giuseppe Morellino Di Scansano 2013

I bought three bottles of wine last July the one time I was able to find the Bacchus wine shop in Alabang. One of the bottles was an Italian red wine that was their feature for the month - Mantellassi San Giuseppe Morellino Di Scansano (that was a mouthful!). I tried the wine at the shop and ended up drinking 3 glasses (on the house, of course) as I went about deciding on the 2 other bottles I wanted to get. The shopkeeper who was very helpful (not to mention very patient in answering my questions) in my choosing wines gave some helpful tips with this Italian wine including to let the wine breathe for about 30 minutes after opening the bottle.

This wine is young at 2013
Information about the origin region in Italy
The wine from this bottle was as good as the three bottles I consumed when I was shopping last July and the wife was also very pleased with the wine. Of course, we didn't finish the entire bottle in one go as we enjoyed a glass each for a few nights after dinner. We enjoyed the wine sometimes with cheese, sometimes with chocolate and sometimes with both. I will likely get another bottle if I ever see one somewhere. So I am posting this here to help me remember. I only regret that I wasn't able to take photos of the wine on glasses.

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