Sunday, September 11, 2016

Off-season atis

My trip to the wet market last Saturday allowed us to re-supply with seafood, particularly fresh tuna and shrimps from our 'suki' vendors. But my most interesting find, well according to me, is that my favorite fruit is available at the market. Atis or sweetsop is something I would have expected during the dry season in the months we often refer to as summer in the Philippines. We are currently in the middle of the wet season and experiencing some heavy rains almost everyday although there hasn't been a major typhoon to affect our area, which is close to Metro Manila.

Atis or sweetsop is a popular fruit that's usually available during the summer (dry season).
Though I welcome having atis at this time of year, I wonder if this pleasure is actually in exchange for something quite serious and maybe bad. Perhaps change is really coming (to use this favorite tagline of supporters of the current Philippines president). Only this time, this is climate change that's probably already here.

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