Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014: A Year of Firsts

It's been a great year for us and we are so thankful of all the blessings that we have received this year. I like to say that it's been a year of "firsts" considering a lot of new things and "first times" that we experienced this year. We moved into our new home last March and had our first real garden and lanai where we could wile away our time enjoying the cool mountain breeze blowing in the area. We also have our mango tree and had our first harvest of sweet carabao mangoes last summer from which our help made mango ice cream and mango pudding - all home-made and unique delights.

We had our first LED television and our first satellite dish. We now have a real book shelf where we could put our collection of books and other stuff we've collected from all over from all the travels we've made in the last so many years. We now also have our own oven and the Clairvoyant has taken up baking as a new hobby. Our new home also allowed us to host lunches and dinners with family and friends - definitely not firsts but more comfortable (i.e., less crowded) than the previous lunches and dinners we hosted at our old home. Of course, we made new friends and acquaintances in our neighborhood and they include senior residents of our village as well as the Clairvoyant's new yoga instructor.

We took advantage of our living in the heart of Rizal province and went around a few places. It was our first time to really go around several towns in about a decade since we did a Visita Iglesia but we had to go around Antipolo first, and particularly to places that we wanted and planned to visit before but just haven't had the chance to go. Among these places were the Crescent Moon Cafe of artist Lanelle Abueva and the Petrolyphs in Angono & Binangonan. We also had new routes between our home and our workplaces with me having the option of going to the office via Sumulong Highway or Ortigas Avenue, and the Clairvoyant learning the use Circumferential Road 6 for a shorter trip to her office.

The new Antipolo Public Market opened this year and across it is a new Robinsons Place Mall. These are where we now usually and mainly get our groceries including food and drinks. We also now have a new neighborhood grocery near our home - a smaller version of Shoppersville in Katipunan where we could easily pick up items for the home.

This year we spent our first Christmas at our new home and celebrated on Christmas Day with our parents, siblings and nephew and niece. It was the first time we had both our parents celebrate Christmas with us as we usually went to our parents' homes on Christmas Day. We will be greeting the New Year here and already look forward to more "firsts" including new adventures in the coming year 2015.


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