Friday, December 19, 2014

Dulcelin at UP Town Center

We had dinner with an good friend of ours from when he was visiting professor at the university care of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). It was only fitting that we took him to dinner after a short discussion during his very brief visit to Manila. We decided to take him to the UP Town Center as he has not been there considering that the development had not started construction the last time the professor was in Manila. At the UP Town Center, we selected a place to eat based on what we've tried and what we have yet to try among the restaurants. Walking around and looking at the menus displayed in front of the restaurants, we decided to dine at Dulcelin.

I have heard very good things about Dulcelin's mango torte (their specialty) and wanted to try it out. But I have also been told that Dulcelin's food was good so I thought was a good choice. We were not disappointed with our choice.

Red rice shiso
Beer batter onion rings
Their pumpkin soup is good and the serving is generous and really filling. We made a mental note not to have this soup if we weren't so hungry as it will make you full (perfect for those on a diet?) before you even have your main course.
Paella - you have to order this in advance (if you have reservations) or immediately as it takes time for the staff to prepare this. We enjoyed this very much and would highly recommend this to groups eating there.
Roast beef belly was just right and should be perfect with mashed potatoes or rice.

A good indication that their food was good were the many people already seated and eating at the restaurant. We thought their prices were reasonable though maybe a bit expensive for the typical UP student. However, the servings were on the generous side so I think that justifies the prices. Anyhow, typical students won't likely be eating lunch here everyday of the school week. Once in a while is the more likely dining frequency.

I actually purchased a whole mango torte, which I brought home. It was better than other mango tortes we have tasted before so its two thumbs up for their specialty. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a photo of this dessert but then perhaps this can be an incentive for my readers to go to Dulcelin and taste their excellent mango torte.

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