Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ka Lui, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

We made sure to go to Ka Lui, the top restaurant in Puerto Princesa, when we were in Palawan last September. It was the first time for our guest, a Japanese professor, in Palawan. I will talk about the food on another post later. Suffice it to say that the food is really good and we had a great time dining there and enjoying the mostly seafood that we ordered.

Interior of the restaurant as seen from our table
There are low tables for those who want to sit on the floor in the traditional way
Colourful dinner plates on display
A reserved table - all tables are practically reserved as there is a high demand for the restaurant
The receiving area upon entering the premises of the restaurant
Guests are required to deposit their footwear at the reception where there are baskets and an area for storage
The inner areas of the restaurant has a small shop, an exhibit area, and a small stage
Artwork on exhibit at the restaurant are mainly by local artists
The small stage is for parties and other functions that may require it
Other artwork on display near the comfort rooms
Inside the male comfort room, which is clean and with a design consistent with the theme of the restaurant
The small bridge connecting the main dining area and the more private areas at the back
There are lots of items (of curiosity) on display inside the restaurant including mostly native crafts

Ka Lui is almost always crowded and it is usually almost impossible to get a table for walk-ins. The dinner schedule is quite strict and you have to call in for a reservation either for the 6:00PM or 8:30PM time slots. Price-wise, it is not so expensive and just right for a full service restaurant. No Michelin stars here but who cares? The food is really good (and the service efficient) and that is what really counts. 


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