Monday, December 15, 2014

Chocolate review: Valor Dark Chocolate 70% cocoa

I picked up a couple of bars of Valor Dark Chocolate 70% cocoa at the grocery about a month ago not just because of my curiosity for it being branded as sugar free but mainly because the sugar substitute was stevia. There is another Valor dark chocolate bar in supermarket shelves that's also sugar free but it uses a different substitute, maltilol, which is an artificially produced sweetener.

Prominent information on the bar for me were the 70% cocoa and the use of stevia as sugar substitute
Nutrition facts and other details at the back of the package
Stevia leaf extract is mentioned as the sweetener for this chocolate and like others that use sugar substitutes, there is a warning against excessive consumption (may have laxative effect).
Stevia has been hailed as a very good sugar substitute and one that is safe for people with diabetes. I don't have diabetes but I have friends who have it and are quite conscious about their intake of sweets. They, too, are curious about chocolates and other sweets that are okay with their condition though they don't look forward to indulging in sweets.  

As for the chocolate itself, I would say that this bar is good with or without the information on the sweetener. The Clairvoyant and I agree that the bitterness is just right and it was smooth enough for a 70% cacao bar. Of course, our taste buds couldn't really tell us if the stevia affected the taste. I leave it up to the connoissuers to figure that out. The bar currently retails for 143 PHP but I got one at 30 PHP off a month ago. That's a good price for a 100g bar.


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