Saturday, December 20, 2014

Stellar Stella at Bonifacio High Street

The Clairvoyant and I were looking for a place to lunch after a mid-morning meeting that had us driving to and from Pasay City. We left our home early and the drives were longer than the meeting and so we felt we deserved a good lunch to make up for a quick breakfast. I asked her to recommend a restaurant because her office is at Bonifacio Global City and there are a lot of good restaurants around including those near her office. She did mention several restaurants that she and her office mates had tried before and it was only difficult to choose a place because there were many choices.

We ended up at Stella, which is located at the Bonifacio High Street. The restaurant had just opened that morning so we were practically the only customers for our early lunch. We had a great lunch at Stella, ordering their wood fired pizza and pasta, and having fresh lemonade to wash down our food.  I guess the place is good for groups as well as a big group of seniors came in just as we were finishing our lunch. They also have a tapas bar and I could imagine the place to be quite popular evenings and nights at BGC. Following are a few photos at Stella. The photos do not do justice to the quality of the food so I strongly recommend the reader to just go there and try out their food.

The wines on display are impressive
The staff were already busy working despite the restaurant just opening for the day
I forget what this is called but it's really good (roasted sun dried tomato?)
Smoky bacon and roasted rosemary chicken pizza
Wood fired garlic mushroom cream fettuccini


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