Monday, December 1, 2014

Chocolate review: Lindt Dark Gourmet Selection

We start the month of December with a chocolate review. But unlike previous reviews, this one's on a selection of chocolates. Lindt Dark Gourmet Selection consists of tablets of four chocolates: Orange Intense, Dark 70%, Dark 85% and a touch of Sea Salt. The orange and sea salt tablets contain at least 47% cocoa. All are smooth including the 85% cocoa tablets and are perfect as after meal nibbles. In Filipino, we say "pantanggal ng umay" to refer to the need for something sweet to clear the palate of the (savory) taste of viand that usually goes with the staple rice in our meals. The tablets are supposed to keep one from indulging in the chocolates.

Tablets of four kinds of dark chocolate in Lindt's Dark Chocolate Selection
Another look at the box
All four types of chocolates

The Clairvoyant got the chocolates at an airport duty free shop as she was coming home from a trip to London. It didn't have a price tag on it and she couldn't recall how much it cost but you can probably just google the price. It shouldn't be too expensive but it won't be cheap given the brand. The bottom-line thought is that it is good quality chocolate and something I'm sure would be enjoyable to nibble on. Chocolate will always be popular no matter what time of year it is. Christmas though is one of those times when one probably looks forward to chocolate especially the hot kind that you can enjoy on a cold morning.

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