Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pleasant ironies

We found it quite ironic that we had to postpone a vacation we had planned and made reservations for many months ago because of an approaching typhoon only to find out that the weather was actually quite okay in our destination. Of course, much information about the actual track and strength of the typhoon was unknown (given the uncertainties associated with typhoons) and so we just couldn't take the risk of being stranded in Cebu while a typhoon pounded Greater Manila and our home. We are quite glad though that the fair weather has allowed us to enjoy morning jog, a good lunch out and an evening walk with our dog. It helped, too, that we had a cool breeze blowing and a nice moon to brighten up our path around our mountain home.

The Clairvoyant with our 8-month old golden retriever
The wind is starting to increase in strength as I write this post. Perhaps its due to the approaching typhoon? Very likely though we expect even stronger winds and rains by early morning or perhaps noontime tomorrow when the typhoon is expected to be traversing along the Bicol Region (at least according to one possible track). It could definitely affect our return flight and we didn't want to be stranded where we were vacationing and with us worrying about home and relatives worrying about our whereabouts.

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