Saturday, February 7, 2015

Chocolate review: Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai and Blueberry Flavors

A friend gave a pack of chocolate-covered fruits to the Clairvoyant and we were delightfully surprised these were so good. And so we tried to find packs of these and found them whenever we traveled abroad. Only recently have we found these at a local supermarket and surprisingly this happened to be the neighborhood grocery store. Well, they had them on their shelves for some time but very recently, we haven't seen the small packs of Brookside variants. Nowadays, we get our regular supply from S&R, which has lots of items you won't generally find in regular supermarkets.

Dark chocolate covered processed acai and blueberry
Detailed information on the back
The processed fruits are actually more complicated as the ingredients show
Nutrition facts - somethings that need to be considered before indulging in these sweets
The information on the package does not state the % of cocoa for the dark chocolate used for these sweets. I do know that chocolate and fruit go very well together. Our preference for dark chocolate, which is semi-sweet or on the bitter side, and the "healthy" association of acai berries is just too good to pass up and our friends similarly enjoying this treat is proof for us that it is a hit.

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