Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Chocolate review: Kablon Farms All Natural Dark Chocolate 60 with Cacao Nibs

We chanced upon some pretty unique chocolates at a trade fair when we were in Cebu for a short vacation. As we browsed the many stalls at the trade fair, I came upon one by Kablon Farms. I learned that they came all the way from South Cotabato in Mindanao to participate in the trade fair. They had all kinds of agricultural products and these included chocolates that I spotted immediately from the display. I feature the first bar from Kablon Farms that we tasted out several bars that I bought.
Kabon Farms dark chocolate 60 Single Origin with cacao nibs
The chocolate contains 60% cacao and uses cane sugar as sweetener

We found the chocolate to be enjoyable. It is good enough but not as refined as the Malagos chocolates from Davao that we got last year. We haven't tasted the other bars that we bought (we bought 2 of each of 4 types of chocolates they had on sale) so the jury is still out there with regards to their other chocolates. I forget how much we bought each bar for but I think it was more than 2 pesos per gram. That's a bit on the more expensive side given that each bar was only 27g. I assume, however, that the cost of producing this chocolate was indeed on the more expensive side and I would classify this as artisan chocolate.

They are supposed to have a website as stated in the label on the bar but it seems they don't have anything there yet.  It would have been nice for them to provide information on their chocolates. It is not common or easy to find good local chocolate in the Philippines that we can line up with the fine chocolates we usually find when we travel abroad. And the info on their production including the cacao they used and perhaps a background on their farms would go a long way in promoting their chocolates.

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