Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday lunch at Fairview Terraces

We usually spend Sundays going to the homes of my in-laws and parents in Novaliches and Cainta, respectively. We would at least go there every other Sunday unless we are traveling abroad or have other more urgent matters on a Sunday (and usually there is none except perhaps rest). Our favorite place for lunches after hearing Mass these past Sundays is Ayala's Fairview Terraces mall. It is a welcome change from the usual lunches we have had at SM City Fairview. There are different restaurants at the Terraces and it is good to try out other restaurants from the usual ones we go to at SM. The covered parking also means we don't have to walk in the open on hot or rainy days. That is always a consideration when we are with senior citizens and our kid.

Kanzhu's special noodles is perfect for lunch starters.
A serving includes vegetables and very tender and flavorful beef.
We like their version of crispy lemon chicken.

It seems that the mall is built around this gigantic mango tree. While its survival and the landscape is appreciated, I would think that many other trees including ones like this did not survive the mall development.


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